Eco-Friendly Housing

All appartements « Green Appart » are accommodations.

Concerned about the environment, I wanted my cottages to have as little impact as possible on our planet.

So, I used a maximum of sustainable materials (wood, metal, fabrics,…) or recycled materials, for the furniture and for the kitchen, and A+ rated paints and coatings.

For the appliances, they are often reconditioned and they all have an ECO option (even the oven).

I use rechargeable batteries, and the lighting uses only LEDs.

The new boiler programmer allows for optimal room temperatures between night and day.

You have at your disposal 2 bins for recycling (yellow garbage can and glass), and reusable jute shopping bags.

You also have in the kitchen a washable baking sheet for the oven, which replaces baking paper, washable stretch lids to replace cling film, glass containers to store food.

You also have at your disposal all the consumables that are Organic, bought in bulk (zero waste), and bio degradable (capsules). Ditto for cleaning products: they are Organic and bought in bulk.

The gardens are pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, and the aromatics are consumable, so treat yourself!”

There is also a compost for green waste.

I encourage you to turn off the lights, save water, use only the necessary laundry, and don’t touch the heating.

I invite you as soon as possible to buy local, seasonal and encourage organic or Eco-Responsible shops (see our addresses in the Guide).

I also encourage you to use public transportation as well as bicycles: the apartment is 4mn away from a Vélo-Cité station (Tram station “Cité Administrative” ) and many bicycle paths exist (see here on the website of the tourist office